but y tho?

Woke up to my   key andomly not woking on my keyboad. Just the   key. Had to change my passwod and eveything. It was vey fustating tying to figue out why I couldn’t log onto my mac.

I’m tying not to let it affect my entie day lol. But as you can see, it is eally SO annoying. Luckily I am able to hook up my wooden keyboad and the _ works on that. But I keep fogetting and using the native laptop keyboad and then eliving the fustation again. Agh!

Neve appeciated the powe of the lette _ as much as I do now.

Thee should have been foty   ‘s in this post. -_- #annoying #fistwoldpoblems

Oh noooo my #fou key isn’t woking eithe… neithe is my Ffou key. Dammit.


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