On today’s episode of post office adventures…

It’s always an adventure when you head to the post office.

On today’s episode of post office adventures, I walked right into a standoff between a USPS clerk and a stubborn man staring into his phone with his adorable golden pomeranian next to him, tugging away at the dirty carpet.



“SIR. Can you hear me. I’m asking nicely. You cannot have your dog in here.”



I swear this woman has way more patience than I do. She must’ve repeated herself about 15 times before giving up and walking away to call the cops.

Then, because well… it’s New York, the rest of the people standing in line decided to put in their two cents:

“C’mon bro. Just leave. Deadass. It’s not worth it.”

“This is silly, why pay the ticket? What are you doing?”

The offender finally broke his silence and half-yelled through a thick Caribbean accent, “I don’t give a fuck! They can call the police!”

Now normally, I’m the first one to talk someone down from the ledge, but since the other bystanders had it covered, I proceeded to document the impromptu “Occupy USPS with my Pomeranian” protest on Snapchat. You know, for the culture.

What’s interesting about this entire scenario, is that the man seemed shy and unassuming… just your nice average guy. It was as if he had been taking shit from everyone in his life for the past month and TODAY was the day he decided to take a stand, throw his middle finger up to the world, and say, “ENOUGH!” with his cute little dog by his side for moral support.

About 30 seconds later when everyone pegged him as a lost cause, he came to his senses and left to stand in front of the post office, scrolling away on his phone as if NOTHING HAPPENED.

When I wrapped up my post office business, I made sure to say hello to his dog. Because hello, holy cuteness. Poms. Enough said.

Bahahahaha. But yes, this is real life.  Real life comedic and dramatic gold.

I definitely have to use this in a film or TV show someday.



Miracle mornings. Miracle life.

My takeaways from the audiobook:

Your life purpose is whatever you choose it to be, and you can change it whenever and however many times as you want. 
Every action you take has a consequence and it affects the person you choose to be. There is no such thing as an isolated occurrence. If you choose to snooze your alarm, take the easy route, wait to go to the gym or act on your dream project tomorrow, it all has a major affect on the person you choose to be. This impact can be positive or negative and is completely up to you. Choose wisely. 

Forget finding your purpose, choose your purpose instead.

My latest audiotreat is Miracle Morning, by Hal Erod. It took a while (about 5 chapters of fluff to be exact) for the book to warm up, and the narrator’s delivery is beyond cheesy, but now it’s gotten to the good part. I’ll be sure to share my takeaways later in another journal entry.

However, I do want to share an important takeaway from the book right now– the concept of choosing your purpose. In the book, Erod makes a great point: too many people are waiting to discover their life’s purpose, when in reality they get to decide what it is. What’s even better, he says, is that your life purpose can be whatever you choose it to be, and you can change it whenever and however many times you want. How cool is that!

If you’re looking to choose your purpose in life, here are additional tips (from me!) on how to get the most out of the exercise:

  • Try to keep it as simple as possible, you’ll get straight to the point and it’ll be easier to remember.
  • Meditate on your strongest skills and your sources of joy. Do you notice any themes? What do they all have in common?
  • When choosing a purpose there is no right or wrong. Just make sure you stay true to you. I.e. a dancer might decide their purpose is to “push the limitations of the human body” or “spread joy and love through dance”

Here’s what I chose this morning:

My purpose is to empower others through the art of storytelling.
(man, wtf!)

If I had a million bulletpoints the subtext would say:

  • by sharing lessons learned along the way
  • with joy, laughter and positive energy
  • To help them live their best life (one of my versions had this in there at first, but I cut it down)
  • MAN,WTF! stands for music, acting, (k)nowledge, technology, writing, film, and anything goes! =) I might take it out later, but the acronym made me laugh so much, I just had to keep it for now.

So there you have it:

Empower others through the art of storytelling.
(man, wtf!)

Haha it gets me every time. I’m already imagining when I share this during my appearance on Ellen *smirk emoji*

Film is a visual first.

Produced and starred in a short film this weekend. Nothing was riding on this film, it was just a great exercise to go out and create. Here are my takeaways:

  • Film is a visual first.
  • Pre-production/strategy is vital. STORYBOARD, create a film schedule, plan out your shots ahead of time to save time.
  • 48 hour creative competitions are a lot of work and a lot of stress.
  • However, do set deadlines so you can force yourself to get out of your head and create.
  • Start the editing process, EARLY.
  • Start the rendering process, EARLY. Earlier than you would expect.
  • Be picky about who you work with. Better crew, better vibes, better productivity, better outcome.
  • Smaller crew = better productivity
  • Things you should never skimp on: Talented acting, Hair/Makeup, Sound quality, Strong direction.
  • Compromise. You may not see the vision at first, but try to be open. Beautiful things can happen when you release control and let another person take the wheel.
  • Be flexible. Anything can change the day of the shoot. Revisit the root of the idea. There’s always another way to execute.
    • For example, the director had a great vision of a camera pan, but because it was a low-budget film, we definitely didn’t have a dolly. He ended putting two towels on the floor and used the towels to slide the tripod on the floor. You would have never known the difference in the finished film.


  • Married men who tempt you and conveniently leave out the fact that they have a WHOLE ASS WIFE, are the devil. lol.

A matter of convenience.

Went on my first date with Mr. Interesting… we were supposed to do pool or bowling or something… but again, just like McMaybe, those previously discussed plans were ignored, to have our first date be a sports bar. Whatever, March Madness was on, so I still enjoyed.

Date itself was great. He was very attractive in person and charismatic. He opened up a lot, which helped me get over my initial shyness. I also got pretty drunk lol, which probably helped with the shyness too. At some point we kissed a few times, we were holding hands… it ended up being about a 5 hour date.

I didn’t feel the 9 years age difference either, and it didn’t seem to matter in terms of physical appearance, despite my baby face. Well, the freakin waitress made a random joke mid-date… I complimented her on her eyes and her bracelet and she mentioned how she was just talking to another waiter about how pretty and nice I was blah blah. She then proceeded to kid about how her Grandma bought her the bracelet. “In the Ukraine, we don’t have sugar daddies, we have grandmas…” We all laughed, and it could’ve been in my head, but I did have a “what the fuck?” moment.  Like did this bish just have a full conversation about me with another waiter and then come test the waters to see if I was some sort of sugar baby or something?  I got over it.

So why is it, that after a great date and budding feelings… that I am now only being contacted by him when there is potential to make plans/meet up? Periodically texting to continue getting to know him and.. radio silence. But he can respond at the speed of light when we are discussing the topic “Are you free on Saturday?” Annoying.

I haven’t met up with him after the first date, but it looks as if I’m just a matter of convenience. I’m cancelling Mr. Interesting until further notice.


Sweet dreams are made of these.

So my brain decided to be SUPER hyperactive in my sleep last night. Disclaimer: I have some pretty vivid dreams on a regular basis. I’m talking straight up movies with camera angles, stunning cinematography and everything. haha.  And I can still remember most of them years later… some have led to extreme de ja vu, some have been warnings that have come true, it’s pretty cool. I love my dreams.

But last night, my brain was seriously out. of. control. Here are the multiple dreams I had, in one night alone:

Dream #1:  I was on the Ellen show and she gave me everything I wished for. She brought out Pharrell, Childish Gambino AND Jeremy Ellis. When I flipped out and started crying over Jeremy Ellis, she said she was sponsoring my production education for a year which included master classes with him. Then she gave me a role on Atlanta. Yes. Atlanta. At this point I should have known it was a dream, but whatever. I screamed “NO AUDITION? whatttt!” The audience laughed. After I calmed down to where I could actually speak, I joked, “jeez are you giving away boyfriends too?” And she proceeded to grab the most attractive men in the audience and off the street, for a funny mini bachelorette skit. It was hilarious and it needs to be real life, like forreal forreal. Best dream ever.

Dream #2:  I had a dream about one of my most vivid dreams. No, not a recurring dream. I was on set, directing and producing the dream from my memory. Saying “no we need more fire, more smoke. This needs to be epic.”

Dream #3:  I was Donald Glover… like in his body, sitting in a bathtub? Go figure. No nudity though. Pre-success in a random house, stressing about what to do for a job, and whether or not I should work on this script I (he) was thinking about doing. Uber stressed. Finally I said, f*ck it I’m doing it and hopped out the tub.

Dream #4:  I was in my bed and a huge black widow spider was on the wall. Suddenly it was on my mouth and this little evil toddler on my back leaning over my head (evil, not playful, he knew exactly what he was doing) was trying to press it in my mouth, but I successfully kept my lips shut. I finally was able to catch the spider and kill it (ON MY LIPS) with my two fingers. Gross. But it apparently was the only way to kill it. After I killed it, the kid disappeared.

I then woke up at 5:36am and proceeded to write down two commercial video outlines for KBK Rokit monitors and the New York Botanical Garden Orchid show. I also saw that a videographer had messaged me on IG out of nowhere at 3am, so I sent him a response.

Random AF.

Is this normal?