Truth doesn’t require you to believe it.

“Truth doesn’t require you to believe it. The same can be said of reality, science, and facts. These things prevail even in an age when much credit is given to managing perception. I find comfort in stumbling upon this insight during my early morning reflections.” – regina

While she’s talking about the current state of our nation, I found additional insight that can be applied to external doubt. If you have a dream or goal, it can prevail even if others doubt you. The constant you need is belief in yourself and your vision. You know your strengths and capabilities better than anyone else. So you can rest assured by betting on yourself.


Right now, I’m feeling the toll of doubt from others. Two bosses who have made it clear that my work and expertise wasn’t good enough for them. An industry where the collective rejection – lack of callbacks, lack of work, lack of agency representation – makes it appear as if my acting and/or looks aren’t good enough. And entering another industry where I know my current music production experience is nowhere near good enough. Yet.

I needed this quote this morning to remind me:

If you’re smart, creative, nimble and persistent, you can do anything. Just maintain that belief in yourself. Water always finds a way, and so will I. Even if I can’t see it yet.


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