X chat: March.

Just got off my monthly X chat with my former boss at the agency I used to work with last year. The genius one who wrote the growth-hacking book and sent all the podcast recommendations my way. Let’s call him “Brad.”

Boy is it great to have someone in your corner. It’s almost as if he’s growth-hacking my entertainment career, what a great mentor. I love my acting manager, but honestly it feels as if he is my manager right now. I can’t wait till the future when we do a case study on how we growth-hacked my career. That would be so cool. And I hope I would be able to give a return on the invaluable advice he’s been able to give me.

Takeaways from today’s conversation:

  1. What do I want to do at this moment in time?
  2. How can I get paid to learn those skills?
  3. How can I build my portfolio for the jobs/ career I want while also getting paid?
  4. Who can I offer my services to for free to receive referrals in return?




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