On today’s episode of post office adventures…

It’s always an adventure when you head to the post office.

On today’s episode of post office adventures, I walked right into a standoff between a USPS clerk and a stubborn man staring into his phone with his adorable golden pomeranian next to him, tugging away at the dirty carpet.



“SIR. Can you hear me. I’m asking nicely. You cannot have your dog in here.”



I swear this woman has way more patience than I do. She must’ve repeated herself about 15 times before giving up and walking away to call the cops.

Then, because well… it’s New York, the rest of the people standing in line decided to put in their two cents:

“C’mon bro. Just leave. Deadass. It’s not worth it.”

“This is silly, why pay the ticket? What are you doing?”

The offender finally broke his silence and half-yelled through a thick Caribbean accent, “I don’t give a fuck! They can call the police!”

Now normally, I’m the first one to talk someone down from the ledge, but since the other bystanders had it covered, I proceeded to document the impromptu “Occupy USPS with my Pomeranian” protest on Snapchat. You know, for the culture.

What’s interesting about this entire scenario, is that the man seemed shy and unassuming… just your nice average guy. It was as if he had been taking shit from everyone in his life for the past month and TODAY was the day he decided to take a stand, throw his middle finger up to the world, and say, “ENOUGH!” with his cute little dog by his side for moral support.

About 30 seconds later when everyone pegged him as a lost cause, he came to his senses and left to stand in front of the post office, scrolling away on his phone as if NOTHING HAPPENED.

When I wrapped up my post office business, I made sure to say hello to his dog. Because hello, holy cuteness. Poms. Enough said.

Bahahahaha. But yes, this is real life.  Real life comedic and dramatic gold.

I definitely have to use this in a film or TV show someday.



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