Life goals.

I want to come to a place where I fear absolutely nothing. 



Dream log #??

Last night I dreamed I was working with an art director, doing a shoot for H&M. He went to style me in a dress ( to which I replied, “red again?”) but then realized he didn’t have the dress. He looks at me in urgency and says “we have to go, NOW.”

Now meant me running with him to the shopping complex downstairs, BAREFOOT, to H&M. People were staring, taking video, commenting…  But one woman said, “yo, she’s a g for that”

I think we ended up finding the dress and returned upstairs.

After that adventure, 2nd dream:

Im walking in soho and see an escalator behind some hedges in an outdoor greenery space and glass doors… Leading up into???? I decide to find out. Turns out it takes me to a whole secret elevated space dedicated to sneakers and streetstyle. Think the Bodega facade concept for a whole outdoor main street. It looked like a mix of Newbury street meets a Google or Apple campus; and it was filled with all male sneakerheads.

As soon as I walked off the escalator, everyone sensed I was an outsider, and stopped to look. After about 3 seconds, they resumed what they were doing.

( I already know that last bit was a subliminal from my concious insecurities.)

As usual cool, visually vibrant dreams though. 👏👏

Life-changing opportunities are coming my way.

Today I had the opportunity to audition for CBS! I dropped a headshot in the mail, and they responded, inviting me in. I flew to LA knowing that I was literally flying across the country for a 3-min audition, but hey, it’s not every day CBS hits you up.

The longest part if the process, was figuring out which lot to park in, and walking from the garage through the campus to the right building (and finding the right door to get to the right floor/room… Yes it was a JOURNEY).

But once I got there I was legit there for 3 min, including wait time, into, and performance. It went so fast, I couldn’t even guage how well it went. I’m just taking the fact that I’m not eating myself up alive as a good sign that I did what I needed to do — left everything in the room and if they liked something they saw, they’ll let me know.

“Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

I also just started working for a media/ecomm hybrid startup that specializes in street wear. It’s the perfect side job to supplement my acting. I already loved the world of streetstyle and I get to produce/be on camera. Not to mention the founder is super flexible and supportive of my acting, and values what I bring to the table.

Looks like the fall/winter has BIG TINGS in store! I just need to book that guest star/costar role right now.