12 Days of Advice: How to Be Famous, Mayne.

This is my last day, I did it!

I’m going to use this last day of advice to talk about the latest meme to hit the internet: Terrence Howard, mane. Aka, finding various ways to place Terrence Howard’s face onto an image and caption it with a funny quote that includes “mayne/mane.”

The viral joke stems from an old interview brought back from the dead (2008), where Jamie Foxx expresses his frustration with Howard. In the interview, Foxx shares how Howard criticized his music. Foxx then proceeds to do an impression of Howard’s acting skills, saying that every role Howard portrays is the same and all he says is “… Mane.”

Fast forward to 2017, Howard’s face and “mayne” quotes are Black Twitter’s favorite new toy. After a few days of memes, Howard finally responded with a video having fun with the jokes. While watching the video, someone in my circle said, “at least he’s being a good sport about it.”

My thoughts:

Of COURSE, he’s being a good sport. This is free publicity for him. In fact, I bet his agent is booking his next movie deal off this and his manager/lawyer are probably negotiating for extra because he’s “hot right now.”

My friend, who I’ve mentioned in the past as my “guardian angel,” told me once:

Being famous is about everyone seeing you and talking about you, all of the time.

It’s that simple.  In theory.

Here are some other notes I want to add, for those who want go viral / be famous…

(if this isn’t you or you could “care less,” stop reading. I don’t want any silly comments about “there are better things in life” blah blah… I have other entries for that. Today is all about the FAME, baby!)


  • Have everyone see you and talk about you, all of the time. As much as I loathe the Kardashians, the Hadids, etc. They’ve definitely got this on lock. Some people choose to be controversial in order to achieve this. That’s not my cup of tea, but hey, do you.
  • Be prepared. If this is something you want, and not an accident, be prepared. Keep multiple projects/offerings going. Start building your brand and your online platforms now, so you can take advantage of the traffic that comes your way. And if you have a heads up (like Teyana Taylor in Kanye’s Fade music video,) you have no excuse. Do you know how much money she could have made on the spot if she had a link to her workout plan available when that video dropped? I’m STILL mad about this missed opportunity.
  • Offer something of substance. Think about what you’re offering your audience. Are you a model? Selling clothes/products? Advice? A lifestyle? If you have a specialized skill, even better. Offering something of value allows you to have longevity and makes it that much harder to replace you.
  • Own it. Be yourself. Now is not the time to be shy, or try to be something you’re not. I’m under the belief that people love those who are the most comfortable in their own skin. If you pretend to be someone else, and you don’t have that confidence, it’s not going to get better. It’s going to get worse. Better to love yourself and have that core audience who loves the real you, rather than hating yourself in the long run for the sake of a few extra fans who could care less about who you truly are. “Sometimes the most revolutionary thing we can do is simply be ourselves.”
  • Act fast. As soon as your name/face hits mainstream, the clock starts counting down. NOW is the time to book interviews, negotiate longer term deals, milk this moment. Because at the end of the day, what is fame if you can’t monetize it? Better hop on it!



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