Who is that?

Photoshoot today. Went in to assist, ended up in front of the camera. Didn’t recognize myself. Swag? What is that? =)

Podcast: Robert Rodriguez on The Tim Ferriss Show.
So good. So inspirational.

“Get out of your own way.”
Being creative is a career.
Run the other direction of the herd. You will stumble, but you’ll stumble… upon something great.

Someday. Somehow.

People/entities I’d love to work with: (in no particular order)


childish gambino / donald glover

suede the remix god

active child

kendrick lamar


ellen degeneres

jordan ullman

frank ocean


the internet

j. cole

viola davis


taraji p henson

jeremy ellis !!! If I could take a lesson with this man, that would be a dream come true.



This is not a list of “idols.”


So there’s this guy…

So there’s this guy… He reappeared after 9 years. First guy in a while that actually has potential. I’m deciding to give him a chance. He’s a doctor, so my friends call him McDreamy. Ha.

First date – today.


I wore no socks and loafers, heels in my bag… (don’t ask) It started snowing. FML.
Had an anxiety attack ON THE DATE. Never happened before, why god why?
Had to take our food to go. Date date lasted about 15 minutes.
Walked back to his place, hung out for a few hours.
(Nothing happened, don’t get any ideas.)
Went home.

Let see if I get a second date (or even a text back) from McMaybe.

Oprah and Opportunities.

Busy day. Met with a friend who is the owner of a brand new thriving music studio.
Fun times.

Finished binge listening (is that a thing?) the Making Oprah podcast.

– Authenticity matters.
– Narrow down your “Suzie” -the main person who’s into your show/project/product etc. -and create for her.
– Always keep in mind: “How does this affect Suzie?” “What does Suzie want or need to know?”

Oh hey.

Audition today. Went as well as I could have asked for.

Met an attractive guy at the audition. But kept it strictly professional because I want to meet up to discuss production tips. And I’ve been focusing on me lately.

Good thing I did. Added him on Facebook. Audition/producer guy has a girlfriend.
Phew – close call.

He arranged for us to meet up at this cutesy restaurant, bought a groupon and everything. My best friend labelled it a “non-date.”