You can just feel it.

Driving up to an estate in upstate to have a winter retreat. There will be 25 people in this house, crazy. I’ll be snowboarding for the first time!

Got to chat with my friend who drove from MD to pick me up. Life, career, music, more music.

“In addition to who you know, you need that passion. People are attracted to that edge, that hunger. You (they) can just feel it.” – JE


Continued Navigation.

The “non-date” happened. At a cute intimate date spot, Red Compass. We had the whole place to ourselves. But the meeting was professional, he also mentioned his girlfriend about 3 times, and I mentioned her about 2 times… so that was extra clear on both sides. haha.

Lots of production tips and insight into Virtual Reality came from this meeting. This VR thing might just become a… thing.

(please ignore my simple vocabulary)

“The biggest thing in this industry is consistency.” – RMM

February Rant.

I’m tired of being forced into a box, having my voice go unheard, and working towards something that has minimal impact on humanity. Tired of fake smiles, passive aggressive emails and pretending like any of this matters.

Tired of trying over and over again just to be continuously hit in the face with reality: Maybe this corporate life just isn’t an option for me. Real talk, what does “corporate life” even mean? I don’t know, but it’s just. not. working.

So what do you do when the corporate world isn’t for you?
QTNA. I’ll get back to you once I figure it out.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Celebrated vday by making a beat in the studio. Official beat lesson #2.
Ableton makes a great valentine.

“You can still make some amazing stuff even if it’s imperfect.”
“The bigger the dream, the more important the team.”
What’s in an artist name? Catchy, unique, personal, made up?