12 Days of Advice: Day 7

Check your credit and check it often.

Consider this your reminder to log in to Creditkarma/Credit Sesame and order your annual report. I logged into today to an early Christmas present: a fraudulent collection report of $98 from Midwest Recovery Systems. I have never heard of them, did not incur the charges they filed as overdue, nor had I ever even be contacted to contest the validity of this collection amount. Now my beautiful credit looks like a murder scene right as I’m trying to move to LA soon. Ah!

I went to handy dandy Google, and of course I see tons and tons of complaints from people with experiences worse than me. Luckily I came across a very helpful post on myfico. I’m posting both the link here and the resolution in text, just in case they try to remove it. (With shady businesses like these, under this shady AF Trump administration, I would not be surprised. )

Link: http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Bankruptcy/Midwest-Recovery-Systems/td-p/4781280

Steps I took, now I’m just hoping for a resolution:

  1. Filed w/ all 3 credit bureaus as “Not Mine.” I filed with TransUnion through CreditKarma, and direct with Equifax and Experian.
  2. Submit a complaint with the CFPB, this is a agency created by Elizabeth Warren and the Obama Administration that Trump is trying to get rid of. It allows consumers to file official complaints against corporations to cut down on illegal financial activity, bullying, etc.

    “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is an agency of the United States government responsible for consumer protection in the financial sector.”

  3. File a complaint on their BBB page. They have to pay $$$ to keep that A+ rating, so make them work for it.


I wish you the best of luck!