Peaks and Valleys.

Just when life was starting to pick up momentum and I had “nothing to complain about,” the funding for my job gets cut. Now I’m jobless with zero income coming in.

The amount of times this has happened to me out of the blue is laughable. But at least this time, I wasn’t screwed over. I’m definitely bummed though. I loved my boss, my team, the people I met daily on the street, the streetwear fashion, I loved that job.

As with change, I’m also disoriented from having the “off-white” carpet ripped from under me. What do I do know? Do I finally head over to LA? If anyone is looking for an actress/host, let me know.

Why do I keep getting glimpses of success and momentum? When will it finally culminate into one big break?

I want my rocket ship, my upside down avalanche of achievement. And I want it now.


Life-changing opportunities are coming my way.

Today I had the opportunity to audition for CBS! I dropped a headshot in the mail, and they responded, inviting me in. I flew to LA knowing that I was literally flying across the country for a 3-min audition, but hey, it’s not every day CBS hits you up.

The longest part if the process, was figuring out which lot to park in, and walking from the garage through the campus to the right building (and finding the right door to get to the right floor/room… Yes it was a JOURNEY).

But once I got there I was legit there for 3 min, including wait time, into, and performance. It went so fast, I couldn’t even guage how well it went. I’m just taking the fact that I’m not eating myself up alive as a good sign that I did what I needed to do — left everything in the room and if they liked something they saw, they’ll let me know.

“Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

I also just started working for a media/ecomm hybrid startup that specializes in street wear. It’s the perfect side job to supplement my acting. I already loved the world of streetstyle and I get to produce/be on camera. Not to mention the founder is super flexible and supportive of my acting, and values what I bring to the table.

Looks like the fall/winter has BIG TINGS in store! I just need to book that guest star/costar role right now.